CAMC Health System, Inc.

System Administration

David L. Ramsey 140x168 Glenn Crotty Jr., MD 140x168  Larry C. Hudson 140x168  Dale Wood 140x168  
David L. Ramsey
Glenn Crotty Jr., MD
Executive Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer
Larry C. Hudson
Executive Vice
President, Chief Financial Officer
Dale Wood
Vice President, System Improvement and Chief Quality Officer
Jeff Oskin 140x168 Stephen Z. Bell 140x168 Eileen Clark Bob Danielson 140x168  
Jeff Oskin
Vice President/Administrator
CAMC Memorial Hospital
Stephen Z. Bell
Vice President, Finance
Eileen Clark
Vice President,
Information Services
Bob Danielson
Vice President,
Jeff Goode 140x168 Brenda Grant 140x168 Sharon A. Hall 140x168 Randy Hodges 140x168  
Jeff Goode
Vice President,
CAMC Ambulatory Services

Brenda Grant
Chief Strategy Officer

Sharon A. Hall
CAMC Health
Education and Research Institute
Randy Hodges
Vice President/Administrator
CAMC Teays Valley Hospital
Marshall A. McMullen Jr 140x168 Elizabeth Pellegrin 140x168 E. Gail Pitchford 140x168 Kristi Snyder 140x168  
Marshall A. McMullen Jr
General Counsel
Elizabeth Pellegrin
Chief Marketing Officer
E. Gail Pitchford
CAMC Foundation
Kristi Snyder
Vice President,
Human Resources
Ron Moore 140x168  Andrew Weber 140x168  Robert D. Whitler 140x168  Michael D. Williams 140x168  
Ron Moore
Vice President,
Professional Practice,
Chief Nursing Officer
Andrew Weber
Vice President/Administrator
CAMC Women and Children's Hospital
Robert D. Whitler
Vice President,
Government and Community Affairs
Michael D. Williams
Vice President/Administrator
CAMC General Hospital