Innocent and carefree...this is how childhood should be described. Unfortunately, for many children, their youth consists of disease, medicines, treatments and hospitals. One of the biggest needs - and ways you can help the CAMC Foundation - is to provide support for our children.

CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is supported by the foundation's annual fundraising events - the Gala and Golf Classic. Proceeds from these two events support the Prevention First Program and the Children's Fund, respectively.

The Prevention First Program provides care for underserved and high-risk patients, which represents 70 percent of our patient population.  Funded through proceeds from the CAMC Foundation's annual gala, Prevention First has created a positive and healing presence in southern West Virginia.

This program offers a diverse set of services to the community.  However, a low reimbursement rate for Medicaid programs in our community has obliterated many of them, and others are underfunded, which is why support from the annual gala is necessary. Without the continued generosity of foundation donors, Prevention First would cease to exist.      

The Children's Fund supports children's safety net services including NICU, trauma, clinics, preventive and educational programs. 

There are a number of needs and concerns at Women and Children's Hospital. From prevention programs, to providing age-appropriate play areas within the hospital, you can support our children in a variety of ways. To discuss an area of support, please email Bryan Cummings, development officer, or call at (304) 388-9866.

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