Junior Volunteers

Teens who are at least 15 years of age and have completed the ninth grade or above may apply to volunteer in the summer Junior Volunteer Program. Junior volunteer applicants are subject to the same requirements as adult applicants and must provide proof of age and academic standing.

Annually, our list of junior volunteer applicants exceeds the needs of our hospitals. During the application and interview process each spring, we are looking for applicants who best match the core values of CAMC, who are focused on service and have the availability to match the needs of our departments. The summer program will begin immediately following the end of the school year and end just prior to the next school year beginning.

Applicants must be available to serve a majority of the weeks during the summer.

Some junior volunteers may be invited to help during with special projects or during their school breaks. This is based on the need as well as their summer performance and availability.

Junior volunteers who served during the previous summer need not reapply for the next summer.

The volunteer service coordinator will contact past junior volunteers by mail with information and requirements.

Please feel free to print this application and mail back to us for consideration.  A parent’s signature must be on the application, and a letter of reference must accompany your application in order to be considered.
Volunteer Application PDF