Kidney Transplant Center

If you have advanced and permanent kidney failure, kidney transplantation may be the treatment option that allows you to live much like you lived before your kidneys failed. Since the 1950s, when the first kidney transplants were performed, much has been learned about how to prevent rejection and minimize the side effects of medicines.

As the only kidney transplant center in West Virginia, CAMC's Kidney Transplant Center offers expert, high-quality, personalized treatment for patients with advanced kidney disease. An experienced team of specialists work with patients throughout the transplant process to ensure that they have the best possible outcomes and the chance to return to a normal, independent lifestyle.

In affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, our team includes Joseph Africa, MD, transplant surgeon; four certified clinical transplant coordinators; dietitian; social worker and attending nephrologists. Consulting services also are available from a certified diabetes educator and a clinical pharmacist.

Since the program was established in 1987, more than 1,000 kidney transplants have been performed at CAMC.

Kidney transplantation is one treatment option available to patients with end-stage renal disease. For both pediatric and adult patients, it holds the promise of a far more normal lifestyle with fewer restrictions than dialysis.

For more information, call (304) 388-7823 or 1-800-346-6233.

Source: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

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