Find a Physician with PhysicianMatch

Whether you're a newcomer to the area or someone whose medical needs have changed, finding the right physician doesn't have to be difficult. With one phone call, we'll help find the physician who is right for you - absolutely free! We'll even make your first appointment.

PhysicianMatch is Charleston Area Medical Center's cure for the common problem of finding a doctor. Simply call the PhysicianMatch number below and tell our representative what kind of doctor you're looking for - a family doctor, allergist, pediatrician; whether you prefer an office location near your home or office; and any other special preferences regarding age, sex or office hours.

We'll take it from there. We have immediate computer access to a network of more than 400 physicians and specialists at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Charleston Area Medical Center provides PhysicianMatch as a free service to the community. The relationship between patient and physician is confidential. CAMC does not become involved in patient/physician relationships beyond the services described here unless hospital treatment is provided at CAMC.

To speak to one of our community liaisons, call PhysicianMatch at (304) 345-9051.

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