New Continuity of Care

What is a Continuity of Care document?

If you’ve been admitted to CAMC, a Continuity of Care document will be available for you in PatientLink within 36 hours of your discharge from the hospital. This document is an important “snapshot” of your hospital stay that includes, among other information:  

  • Reason for visit and procedures done while in the hospital
  • Test results (labs, radiology, etc.)
  • Immunizations, allergies, adverse reactions
  • Plan of care
  • Medication lists
  • Discharge instructions

The Continuity of Care document is meant to be shared and discussed with your primary care provider and any specialists that you see, so they can be informed about the care you received in the hospital. Your Continuity of Care is printable from PatientLink.

If you have been referred to a specialist, your primary care physician, a nursing home and/or a home health agency for follow up care following the end of your inpatient stay, a copy of this Continuity of Care document has been sent electronically to the person or health care provider that you have been referred to.

CAMC Ambulatory Departments

If you have been a patient in a CAMC ambulatory department, your Continuity of Care document is an important summary of your vists, and will be available in PatientLink within four business days of your last office visit.