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CAMC Physicians Group Doctors

Dilip K. Basu, MD
John Goad, MD
Shawn Groves, MD
Ramakrishnan S.Iyer, MD
Sangeeta Mandapakka, MD 
Marciano B. Lee, MD 
Stephen Lewis, MD 
Donald Lilly, MD 
Christina Dunbar Matos, MD 
Steven McCormick, MD
M. Shahbaz Mian, MD
Srinivasan Narasimhan, MD 
James Pettit, II, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Geoffrey R. Cousins, MD
John T. Deel, MD

Thomas Conklin, DDS
Jon Kardos, DDS
William M. Oscanyan, DDS, FAGD

Pickens Gantt, II, MD, FACOG 

General & Vascular Surgery
Mark Choueiri, MD 

Eric Shouldis, MD – Medical Director

Ronbir Biswas, DO
Robert J. Crisalli, MD
Timothy Darnell, DO
Kurt Nellhaus, MD
Ahmad Nusair, MD
Shawn Reinert, DO 

Maxillofacial Surgery
Bruce Horswell, MD, DDS, MS, FACS
David Wise, MD, DDS
Fredrick Pollack, MD

Samip Borad, MD
Robert E. Lewis, II, MD

Justin Cohen, MD
James N. Frame, MD, FACP
Ni Gorsuch, MD
Steven Jubelirer, MD  
Ahmed Khahlid, MD
Arun Nagarajan, MD
C. Ron Sarker, MD
Terence Rhodes, MD

Enrique Calderon, MD
Audrey Hunt, MD 
Huseyin Kadikoy, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
James B. Cox, MD
Scott Ciaccia, DO
David Felder, MD
Chad Lavender, MD
Alexander D. Rosenstein, MD

Orthopedic Trauma
Ereny Bishara, MD
James Mauer, DO
Fredrick Pollock, MD
Aaron L. Sop, DO
Shawn Storm, DO

Pediatric ENT
Marcus Shaffer, MD

Pediatric Neurology
Surya Gupta, MD

Pediatric Surgery
Ramanathapura N. Haricharan, MD 
Damian Maxwell, MD

Pelvic Floor Center
Joshua Lohri

Plastic Surgery
David Hayes, MD
Nathan Menon, MD
William A. Wood, MD, JD, FACS 

Joseph B. Africa, MD
Samuel Deem, DO
Ryan Fitzwater, DO
Joshua Lohri, DO
Frederick Martinez, MD  
Anthony Sibley, MD
James P. Tierney, DO 

Stone Center
Ryan Fitzwater, DO  

Weight Loss
Samuel Rossi, MD
Robert B. Shin, MD

Our Mission: Striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day.       © 2014 CAMC Physicians Group